Previous recipients used the scholarship to buy IT equipment, cricket bats, guitars, footy boots and enter endurance races.

The King brothers should watch out as the Tregellis siblings are coming for your crowns! Abbey and Katie used their 2022 scholarship money to further their AFLW ambitions. Footy boots that actually fit women’s feet, new training balls, a rebounder and training camps have all helped boost the game of these rising stars.

Jay has their sights set on a career in the trades and used the 2022 scholarship money to buy tools of the trade. Already a VCAL Award for Excellent winner, Jay has shown a real aptitude for the work, having secured a permanent part-time job while while completing their education.

Lachlan has a bright future planned with ambitions to study business or commerce at Uni in 2023. The lack of a laptop was holding their academic ambitions back. The scholarship money was used to purchase a good laptop and the software needed to complete Lachlan’s high school studies and set them up for success in their tertiary education.

Seven years of swim training paid off for Bonnie in 2022 when they was chosen as part of the PARC swimming squad.

Squad swimming is both a big time and financial commitment, so the Richard Williams Scholarship was pleased to be able to support such a talented swimmer to continue to challenge themself.

Board members Ivor, Steve and Lindy with the 2022 recipients. Absent is Tash Konisberry who’s lifelong love of swimming sees Tash in the water more than on land! A volunteer surf lifesaver and nippers trainer, an open-water swim competitor and a member of the PARC swimming squad requires a lot of bathers, googles and training gear which the Scholarship is pleased to be able to provide.

Jack used his scholarship money to buy a top-of-the-line bat.

Jack is pictured here with Board Member Lindy Langshaw alongside Andrew Jamison who has offered sponsorship of the senior uniforms and mentoring for Jack alongside the scholarship.

You’re going to have to move fast to keep up with Zahra! They are winning races all over Melbourne, outpacing athletes many years their senior.

The bursary from the RW Scholarship Fund was used to buy running shoes (Zahra burns through multiple pairs a year) and to pay entrance fees for events.

Kirilli is an awesome artist but old equipment was slowing them down.

The scholarship meant Kirilli could upgrade to a modern iPad with an Apple Pen and purchase digital art software.

Already a State Champion Life Saver, in 2021 Max was getting ready to finish their high school career and pursue a university education in IT.

The Richard Williams Scholarship meant that Max could upgrade their computer hardware and software. This boost benefited them not just as they completed high school but meant they had the right equipment to hit the ground running for Uni.

Lucy is a talented musician, writing and recording their own songs.

A bursary from the Richard Williams Scholarship in 2021 allowed Lucy to buy a new electric guitar and amplifier.

We’ll be expecting a shout out when you win your first ARIA Lucy!